Special Issue on Environmental Application of AOPs

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 March 2022.

Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are promising techniques, which can be used for various environmental applications. Currently, AOPs are receiving an extensive amount of interest from many researchers mainly due to their non-selective behavior and potential for pollutant oxidation, and lack of solid waste formation for the majority of them. However, there are some knowledge gaps in scientific literature, such as the efficiency and applicability of AOPs for real environmental water and/or wastewater matrices, effectiveness of AOPs for toxicity reduction, influence of environmental conditions and constituents on AOPs, cost of studied treatment methods, etc. This Special Issue invites original research papers as well as reviews focused on various environmental applications of AOPs, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Application of AOPs for removal of organic pollutants (e.g., CECs) from water matrices of diverse origin;
  • AOPs for inactivation of microorganisms, e.g., viruses, bacteria, including those with antibiotic resistance, etc.;
  • Application of AOPs for toxicity reduction;
  • Life cycle assessment of AOPs;
  • Operational conditions and economic assessment.

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