III JIs del mar organized by University of Granada

Motril, 06-09 September 2021

The 3rd edition of the Congress of Young Marine Researchers was celebrated in Motril (Granada) during 06-09 September 2021. 

JIs del mar was born at the University of Cadiz in 2018, in the frame of CEI·MAR consortium. In 2019 the II JIs del mar was held in Málaga. The III JIs del mar consolidate its young and strong spirit in Granada, where results from TECNOHABs project were presented by:

Leonardo Romero (presented on-line from the Netherlands): Disinfection with UV-LED devices as an alternative to ballast water treatment on ships.

Ignacio Rivas:  Influence of a period of darkness after UV treatment on the inactivation of microalgae and cyanobacteria in ballast water.

Javier Moreno: Harmful microalgal blooms: management based on technological processes to minimize their impact.

The IV edition of the conference will be held in Almería on 2023.

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