Marine Research Institute (INMAR)

TECNOHABs project is mainly developed at INMAR, for which its research and transfer activity can be divided into five major thematic areas:

  1. Marine ecosystems and global change, studying the marine environment from a biology, ecology, physics, chemistry and geology point of view, and focusing its results on the analysis of climate change indicators.
  2. Marine technologies, oriented towards the investigation of new technologies applicable to the assessment and protection of the environment and towards the study of the behaviour of the materials used in these technologies in the marine environment.
  3. Protection of the marine environment, focused on the assessment and management of anthropogenic pressure on the marine environment and the application of environmental regulations. The levels and distribution of pollutants are analyzed and their effect on the biota.
  4. Sustainable exploitation of living marine resources, focusing research on the biological species of greater economic interest, from their biology and physiology, to their techniques and improvements in cultivation methods. It applies advanced molecular biology, genetics and genomics techniques. Marine bioproducts of interest are investigated.
  5. The ocean and society. An area that focuses its research on marine and maritime archaeology, studying the relationship of man with the sea and its resources from prehistory to the present day.


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